merchant class

Merhchants, craftsmen, and artisans live behind castle walls, having been taken in by the noble class. Perhaps a current member of the caste showed skill at making a certain product, such as beautiful robes, well-forged swords, or sometimes even tattooes. Or, a member of that individual’s family, from generations ago, showed such talent, and his ancestors have benefited.

In either case, members of the merchant class have proven to be able to sell a product that appeals to the nobles. In some cases, they remain within the castle walls, and provide a service to the local nobles. Otherwise, a noble may invest in the merchant’s business, and have his guards escort the merchant and his family to many other caste towns, where the merchant can then provide his service, and make a greater profit. While these merchants make considerably more money, the investing noble will almost certainly take more than his fair share.

_“Merchant class” may be a bit of a misnomer, because this class has many options for your character’s profession. Merchant characters may also have the most varied options for character classes, but here’s the catch; I require that your chosen profession by compatible with your chosen class.

For example, should you chose to be a doctor, then your character should be a divine healer, such as cleric or favored soul. If you chose merchant, it’s highly unlikely that your character would be a fighter. Since merchants likely have a higher learning than most, she would more likely be an arcane spellcaster. Or, maybe a divine class, worshiping a god of wealth and commerce.

I know my players are smart and competent, despite often acting otherwise, so I trust there will be little issue with figuring out what classes are compatable with what professions. If you’re unsure, I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have._

merchant class

Vasadori Ichikiba