This country, located on a large island, is split into three regions by two wide, deep rivers that circle around the innermost region, and middle region. Five kings rule over these divided lands.

The smallest region is at the center, surrounding, and including, a potentially active volcano. This region is under the rule of Dwarf King Albus Graycut, widely considered the most kind-hearted of the five kings.

The middle region, between the innermost and outermost, is larger than King Graycut’s land. The region is split in two, under the rule of Elf King Peji Peraer and Gnome King Garfield Goodgold. Being surrounded by fresh water on either side, the middle region is the most forested of the three.

The outermost region is divided into three sections, ruled by Halfling King Gart Blueheart, Human King Conor Mourr, and Chieftain Thaddeus Grumm, a half-orc that turned his back on Emperor Godforged. Thanks to him, a portion of this region remains under the control of the indigenous people of the island. It is the largest region, with the most varied landscape.


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